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April 21, 2024

Most Unusual Hotels in the World You Should Experience

Did you know that you can stay in a hotel room at the bottom of the sea? Or relax in a bed that looks like it’s draped in mid-air or in a room made of ice? If you’ve always wanted to experience these, why not cut them off in your bucket list because there are unique hotels in the world that can provide you with such an experience! 

If you’re the adventurous and quirky traveller who wants to escape from daily life’s routine, a standard luxury hotel accommodation is just simply boring. So if you’re one of them and want something more unique on your trip, here are hotel based on unusual concepts that will make your stay more unforgettable. 

Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji 

Photo by Poseidon Resorts 

If you like to know what it feels to live underwater, then this amazing resort in Fiji will help you do all that and more. The rooms are created in a way to offer deep sea lovers with an unlimited view of the sea. 

Giraffe Manor, Kenya 

Photo by Big Seven Travel 

Love animals? Craving for a view of the wildlife? Giraffe Manor is a private boutique hotel situated on 12 acres of land right by Ngong forest that contains one of Nairobi’s hidden gems. A renowned building in fresh surroundings, the distinctiveness of the manor is heightened by its resident Rothschild giraffe population, who roam the grounds freely and make for remarkable hosts. As a matter of fact, these cute giant herbivores will even share your breakfast with you, if you would like to! 

Attrap’ Reves Hotel, France

Photo by Host Unusual 

The busy city life can be a bit tiring, so why not head to a place that is filled with picturesque nature views? Attrrap’ Reves hotel is made to be habitable with their eco-friendly plastic bubble domes constructed using recyclable materials to create interactivity with nature. 

Sun Cruise Resort, South Korea 

Photo by Wikipedia

Want to take a cruise? The Sun Cruise resort located on a coastal cliff in Jeongdongjin will give a crazy experience! The hotel is a unique designed cruise ship on land. It’s one of the tourist destinations recognized for having the best view of the sunrise in South Korea. 

It’s built high on the edge of a mountain with the purpose of giving the guests a view of the sun and sea without suffering from motion sickness. The resort features 211 rooms having both condominium and hotel style, a Western and a Korean restaurant, a night club, karaoke, seawater pool, and revolving sky lounge. 

TreeHouse Hotel, Vietnam 

Photo by CNN 

Also known as ‘The Crazy House’ is a unique hotel designed by the legendary architect and impressionist Dang Viet Nga. The house was constructed in 1990 to resemble something from a fairy tale as if imagined by the likes of Gaudí and Salvador Dalí. 

Today, this enchanted non-rectilinear treehouse hotel has become a symbol of diversity and innovation across Dalat. Plus, you’ll be surprised to discover mushroom chairs, ten suites, animal sculptures inside the hotel. The themes of the rooms vary from tigers, eagles, kangaroo, and ants! 

Icehotel, Sweden 

Photo by eTurboNews 

Icehotel, known as the world’s first hotel built on ice and snow. It was first founded in 1989 and reimagined in a new guise every winter, in the Swedish village of Jukkasjärvi, north of the Arctic Circle.

The hotel has 150 warm and cold rooms. The cold room has an ice decor and a bed made of ice which is covered with reindeer hides, but don’t worry because they will let you sleep in a thermal sleeping bag. And for the most interesting part, they also have an ice church, ice bar, ice sculpting studio and pillar hall, in addition to two heated restaurants, four meeting rooms, lounge, and two wilderness camps. 

Henn na Hotel Nagasaki, Japan 

Photo by Hotel Management 

Want a more futuristic escape? Then book your stay at Henn na Hotel where you’ll be welcomed by robots! It’s a hotel run by robots that take place in Japan. This innovation is not a surprise since the country has always been a hub for technological development for years now. From your check-in to carrying your bags to your room is managed robotically. They would even use facial recognition for replacing key cards and room keys. The robot hosts can definitely do everything, even giving you updates about the weather! In addition, the two wings of Nagasaki’s Henn na hotel both boast a mix of innovative design and high-tech internal climate solutions that combine excitement with comfort in its own unusual style. 

The Faralda Crane Hotel- Amsterdam

Photo by Agoda

Want to reach for the skies? This well-renovated old crane opened in 2014 as the luxury hotel, Faralda. It might sound crazy, but it really is! This crane hotel is located 50 metres high above the NDSM industrial wharf, a destination for artists, skaters, and hip start-ups. 

After an extreme process of reconstruction, this old crane opened in 2014 as the luxury hotel, Faralda. It is located 50 metres high above the NDSM industrial wharf, a mecca for artists, skaters. and hip start-ups. 

Their three suited are named ‘Secret’, ‘Free Spirit’, and ‘Mystique’ that are hugely furnished and provide access to an outdoor jacuzzi and the most amazing panoramic views you’re likely to discover in all of Amsterdam. If you love to seek some thrill, the hotel has it’s own bungee jumping facilities.