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June 16, 2024

Top 12 Reasons for you to visit Hong Kong

Are you thinking that it is worth visiting Hong Kong anytime soon? If you are planning your 2020 vacation, there is no better place than this stunning destination. Whether you love shopping, scenic views, delicious food, or tempting attractions, you will find it all here in this unique and multicultural location. Go early and book United Airlines tickets with the help of United Airlines Reservations.

From the moment you leave Hong Kong International Airport, you will be spoiled for the option of seeing and doing things.

1. Enjoy a multicultural experience

Hong Kong is a fascinating pot of Chinese and Western cultures. Thanks to its colonial background, Hong Kong fuses West and East together in a unique atmosphere. There are plenty of choices! Where else can you go to the Chinese temple to pray for good luck before heading to the Christian Church? Its diverse culture makes it convenient for visitors to visit Hong Kong. Most people speak English and most places and streets have English names that can be easily understood by visitors.

2. Amazing food

Hong Kong has earned a reputation as the culinary capital of Asia and for good reasons. You will get mouth-watering and excellent food options from all over the world. Local fresh seafood and dim sum is something you should definitely sample – the main flavor of Chinese cuisine is less potent than it is here and it makes them more accessible to foreign visitors. Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indian, and even African food, as well as Western restaurants, have plenty of restaurants. You will definitely eat well during your trip!

3. Go Shopping

Hong Kong is famous worldwide for its retail opportunities and, in fact, has some more unique shopping experiences than you can find here. Traditional Chinese stores rub shoulders with trendy boutiques, and you can spend time at both the street market and luxury shopping malls. Whether you are looking for souvenirs, electronics, antiques, or fashion items, you will have no trouble getting them here – often prices that are much cheaper than at home. Hong is shopping for reality well.

4. Fantastic Sightseeing

Hong Kong is not short of spectacular destinations to enjoy. Great views of Victoria Peak are worth visiting. Here, you can see the city and below Victoria Harbor, all with stunning horizons from far away.

5. A Family-Friendly Destination

Adults and children alike love Hong Kong. It is the perfect place for children to visit their great museums, many nature reserves, and thanks to exclusive parks. Disneyland is a mecca for families with children, but it has lots of other things to do, such as going to the Hong Kong Space Museum or taking a boat ride.

6. Celebrate the festival

You are being explored in Hong Kong during the year, and both Western and Eastern festivities represent amazing and unique opportunities for fun. If you are traveling during December, Hong Kong is a great place to celebrate the Christmas season. You will see festive decorations and fireworks around Victoria Harbor. If you want to experience Chinese culture, go here for the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, or Spring Festival.

7. Experience colorful nightlife

Hong Kong is very fun during the day, but it gets even more exciting when the sunsets. Tsim Sha Tsui, Wan Chai, and Lan Kwai Fong have many places to enjoy eating and drinking, with pubs and bars open until the early hours of the morning. For something more sophisticated, take a night cruise around Victoria Harbor to see the Symphony of Lights.

8. See international sports competitions

Many sports are held annually in Hong Kong, so if you are a sports fan, this is the perfect place to experience fun. The Hong Kong Tennis Open, International Dragon Boat Race, and Hong Kong Rugby Sevens, not to mention the horse racing season at Happy Valley and Sha Tin Racecourse all enhance sports-related entertainment.

9. Experience the filming locations of top movies

Countless movies have been filmed in Hong Kong, so make your own movie pilgrimage and visit places like Yau Ma Tei Fruit Market, Chungking Mansions, and Temple Street where films like Ghost, Doctor Strange and Transformer 4 were shot.

10. You do not need a visa

Most visitors from abroad do not require a visa to come to Hong Kong to stay for 90 days. Some visitors can even enjoy a visa-free stay for 180 days.

11. Easy Transportation

The International Airport of Hong Kong is a convenient center connecting many major cities of the world including Tokyo, Sydney, Vancouver, LA, New York, and London. You can get commercial flights directly here or fly by private jet. When you arrive here, you will find that there is plenty of convenient public transport including ferry, tram, bus, and subway, and with a local octopus card, you don’t even need to find a change.

12. A gateway to Asia

Thanks to Hong Kong’s excellent location, it is a convenient gateway to travel to the rest of East Asia and China. Its international air connectivity is outstanding, and since there is plenty of local competition, the fare is quite low. This means that you can easily discover the beauty of this amazing part of the world and have a truly luxurious and varied holiday.

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