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April 21, 2024

Pitbull Dog Price in Delhi

Pitbull Dog Price in Delhi

The Pitbull dog has a compact and robust build. It is medium-sized with short furs on the body. Pit bulls are regarded as intelligent, playful, and stubborn. But it is said that it is comparatively easier to train pit bulls as they live to please their masters. Pit bulls are believed to have descended from the British Isles (a group of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean consisting primarily of Great Britain, Ireland, and more than six hundred small islands).

OriginUnited States
HeightMale: 40 cm – 55 cm, Female: 40 cm – 50 cm
WeightMale: 20 Kg – 90 Kg, Female: 25 Kg – 50 Kg
Lifespan12 – 15 Years
PriceRanges from INR 30,000 – INR 44,000

Pitbull dog price in Delhi

The pitbull dog price in Delhi is somewhere between thirty thousand Indian rupees to forty-four thousand Indian rupees. The price is variable. The cost of a pit bull or the price of any dog depends on certain factors such as area, breeder, health condition and diseases, purity of the breed, etc.

It is crucial to take care of a dog. Raising a dog is like raising a child. It needs proper attention and care at every stage.

So take care of your pitbull so that it loves you wholeheartedly.

Why are Pitbulls adorable?

Pit bulls are adorable dogs; they are appealing to the eyes. You will automatically smile when you look at them. They somewhat resemble a bulldog but are smaller in size. Pit bulls have large eyes of the shape of an almond, they have a square-shaped face with a square-shaped nose, they have long and straight tails and their ears are shaped like a leaf, making them adorable and loving creatures.

Pitbull dog price

Pitbull’s price in the country has an extensive range. It is available for nine thousand rupees, and its price can go up to eighty thousand Indian rupees. The cost will depend upon the purity of the breed.

Get a dog’s health certificate from the breeders so that you are not fooled and given an unhealthy dog that is prone to hereditary diseases.

How to take care of a pit bull?

Pit bulls are prone to dental diseases, so make sure you regularly visit the veterinary doctor for checkups and cleanups of your dog’s teeth.

Pit bulls compulsorily need to exercise every day as they have a heavy bodies, so make sure you play with them every day or keep a professional trainer.

Provide preventive medication to your pit bull to save it from ticks and parasites as some of the worms and parasites can be very dreadful and could infect your pet which can be painful.

Get your pet neutered or spayed depending on the gender of the dog. The vet surgically removes the testicles (in males) and ovaries (in females). This procedure reduces the chances of certain types of cancers and eliminates the possibility of your pet becoming pregnant or fathering unwanted puppies.

Protect your dog as you would protect your children. It is also a part of your family.