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June 6, 2024

Revolt RV 400 Electric Bike Price in Delhi, Range, Charging Time and Motor

Revolt RV 400

Electric bikes in Delhi are the future of this world in this era where global warming and climate change are alarming concerns for every country, region, and man worldwide. Electric vehicles ought to serve as a cure and vaccine for the pollution that is created by various human activities and further contaminate our environment among which burning of fossil fuels is one of the primary reasons for air pollution, petrol and diesel that are filled in regular bikes contribute towards heavy air pollution as it releases excess carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and various other pollutants into the air.
An electric bike is a motorbike or motorcycle with an electric motor propulsion system installed. Electric bikes are also called E-bikes (E stands for electronic or electric). Electric bikes in Delhi use rechargeable batteries to function. In one go, these bikes can cover more than a hundred kilometres if fully charged. Though this length value is variable, it will depend on how powerful the motor propulsion system is.

Specifications of Electric bike Revolt RV 400

Voltage/Wattage72V, 3.24kWh
 Charging time0-75% in 3 hours and
0-100% in 4.5 hours
Front BrakeDisc brake
Rear BrakeDisc brake
Maximum Torque70 Newton-metre
ModeThree modes, Sport, Economic, and, Normal
Speed85 kilometres to 150 kilometres
Depends upon the mode of driving
 Range156 km
Warranty6 years or 100,000kms (Which comes first)
Revolt RV 400 Price in DelhiINR 1,24,000 (Ex-showroom price)

Revolt RV 400 in Delhi has Led enabled headlights, 4G connectivity. It also includes onboard diagnostics and over-the-air updates. Bike riders can also attach their smartphones to the bike. With the help of the Revolt application, a rider can have access to the travel history, battery health, bike range, and nearest swap station and charging station. 

The bike is also enabled with geo-fencing and keyless operation for extra security. The RV 400 is an artificially enabled bike. It also has speakers attached to it. 

Revolt Motors

Revolt motors have pledged to create a cleaner and greener environment for the upcoming generation. They want to become environmentally viable and environmentally friendly.

The vision of Revolt Motors

Democratising clean commute using next-gen mobility solutions.”

The mission of Revolt Motors

“To create a future of next-gen mobility with 100% accessibility and 0% fuel residue.”

The RV 400 electric bike in Delhi is one such bike introduced by Revolt Motors.

It also has a changeable 3.24-kilowatt lithium-ion battery. Revolt motors affirm that it can deliver an Automotive Research Association of India-certified range of one hundred and fifty-six kilometers. The warranty period for this bike is eight years.

Price of Revolt RV 400 in Delhi

The Revolt RV 400 price in Delhi starts from One lakh twenty-four thousand and can go up to One lakh fifty-six thousand. There are various offers provided by the showrooms which might bring the price down for you. Since the bike is electric, you can buy it under the FAME scheme offered by the Government of India, which would further cut costs.

FAME Scheme

Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid & Electric Vehicles in India is abbreviated as the FAME India scheme. It is the initiative of the government of India to curb the use of petrol and diesel-propelled vehicles. This scheme is the Government’s National Electric Mobility Mission Plan.

The color variants of RV 400 are cosmic black, mist grey, rebel red, and white. You can choose according to your preference.

If you love bike riding but are worried about the problems fossil fuels create, the solution is to switch to electric bikes. You will contribute towards a more prominent solution and help our planet have a sigh of relief.

Benefits of RV 400

  • It is easy to turn and maneuver around.
  • The feature of having a removable battery makes it easier to charge.
  • Affordable pricing is available due to the government scheme of FAME. 

Demerits of RV 400

  • Some parts made of plastic seem a bit weak.
  • This bike is not available all over India. Its reach is limited to a few cities only.

Why should you buy an electric bike in Delhi?

  • Electric bikes have less or no fuel cost.
  • Electric bikes have rechargeable batteries which are mostly made of lithium.
  • Electric bikes have a low maintenance cost too.
  • Electric bikes not only prevent air pollution but also help in curbing the noise pollution that is created due to motorcycles. 

Electric bikes do not make as much sound as standard bikes. Electric bikes in Delhi are an excellent option to get with loads of benefits. You contribute towards a sustainable environment by adopting and using an electric bike.

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