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April 24, 2024

Electric Scooter & Bike Price in Delhi

Electric Scooter Price in Delhi

Electric bikes or electric scooters are certainly a measure toward a sustainable environment. In this era where global warming and climate change are an alarming and grave concern for regions all around the globe, electric vehicles ought to serve as a preventive measure for the air pollution that is created by various human activities, among which burning of fossil fuels is one of the primary reasons for air pollution.

An electric bike is a bicycle with an electric motor propulsion system installed. Electric bikes are also called E-bikes (E stands for electronic or electric). Electric bikes use rechargeable batteries to function. In most electric bikes, the batteries are portable. Thus one can detach the battery and charge it at home with ease.

Electric Scooters have recently gained immense popularity. They are becoming widespread with each passing day. There is currently a high demand for electric vehicles in the market due to their abundant benefits to humans and the environment. Electric scooters are lightweight and create significantly less noise while on the road, making them a good option.

Electric Bike in Delhi

Delhi government’s Electric Vehicle (EV) policy is one of the best EV policies worldwide that aims to curb air pollution and noise pollution. Presently Delhi has more than one lakh electric vehicles. The residents of Delhi have responded positively and optimistically to the policy as the adoption of electric vehicles has increased several folds.                                                               

There are various Brands of automobile and bike or scooter manufacturers present in Delhi. If you are looking for Electric bikes in Delhi or electric scooters, some manufacturers are Bajaj, TVS, Revolt, and Hero. All these brands have come up with different electric bikes and scooters, which provide a range of options for buyers of electric bikes in Delhi. 

Benefits of Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes Use less or no fuel: As the name suggests, electric bikes use electricity to run. Electric bikes have a battery attached inside the vehicle that is most of the time portable, which means that the battery can be detached from the vehicle, and the battery can be carried inside homes. Also, the battery requires regular charging for the vehicle to function correctly. The rider can also have the optimum utilization of the electric vehicle. In general, the batteries of electric vehicles take five hours on average to charge themselves, but this is not absolute. 

The timing a battery takes for charging depends on the Volt and Power. Batteries of electric bikes take more time to recharge in comparison to scooters. Although hybrid vehicles are also available, they can run on fuel and electricity. Most people prefer using electricity as the running agent. Thus, if it is a hybrid, an electric vehicle may use little fuel, but electric vehicles are safer and better. They use little fuel or no fuel at all.

Pollution Free and Healthy: Electric bikes are pollution-free. There are grave consequences of inhaling the toxic smoke from fuel-driven vehicles. This smoke contains harmful pollutants that are dangerous to human health. These contaminants can reach the lungs and create various health hazards, especially for the respiratory organs. Often people are found suffering from asthma, bronchitis, etc., attributed to the smoke from fossil fuel-based vehicles.

Electric vehicles prevent air pollution to some extent, and since electric vehicles do not make much noise, it also prevents noise pollution.

Headache-Free: It is easier to maintain health on an electric bike than on a regular bike. Electric bikes need fewer servicing sessions than traditional fuel-based bikes. Thus the cost of taking care of an electric bike is low. Electric bikes are budget-friendly and economical on the pocket. 

Electric Bike Price in Delhi

The Revolt RV400 is an electric bike available in Delhi

The Electric Bike Price in Delhi is mentioned below.

The RV 400 electric price starts from One lakh twenty-four thousand and can go up to One lakh Fifty-six thousand. There are various offers provided by the showrooms which might bring the price down for you. The electric bike price in Delhi can be reduced by applying the Fame II scheme offered by the Government of India.

The other manufacturers manufacture electric scooters.

Electric Scooter Price in Delhi

The Electric Scooter Price in Delhi is different for different vehicle manufacturers. But the electric scooter price in Delhi is affordable.

The Bajaj chetak electric scooter is available for Rs. 1 lakh in the showroom, and 1.07 lakh is the ex-showroom price. The premium model is available for a 1.15 lakh showroom price.

Tvs electric scooter is availbale from ₹1.13 lakhs – ₹1.45 lakhs.

Hero electric scooters are available for different Hero Electric bikes. The prices differ slightly from each other. They are mentioned below:

Hero Flash Electric Scooter- 59,640 Rupees

Hero Eddy- Starts at 70,000 Rupees

Hero Electric Optima LX – 67,440 Rupees 

Hero Electric Optima LX (Valve Related Lead Acid Battery) – 51,440

Hero Electric Flash LX (Valve Related Lead Acid Battery) – 46,640 Rupees

Hero Electrica Atria LX- 71,690 Rupees

Electric or Fuel?

Electric Bike in Delhi is essential since Delhi has gained a name for itself among one of the most polluted cities in the world several times.

Electric vehicles are better than fuel-driven vehicles; they do not create noise pollution and air pollution, which are sources of various health ailments in a city like Delhi, where there is heavy traffic.

Benefits of an electric scooter in One-shot

  • Electric scooters have less or no fuel cost.
  • Electric scooters have a low maintenance cost too.
  • Electric scooters not only prevent air pollution but also help in curbing the noise pollution that is created because of bikes and scooters. Electric scooters do not make as loud a sound as other bikes.
  • Electric scooters are an excellent option to get with loads of benefits. You contribute towards a sustainable environment by adopting and using an electric vehicle.

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