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July 19, 2024
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Everything you should know about South facing house Vastu plan

South facing house vastu plan

As you know, there is a history to every store, myth, or any exceptional thought. People always believe such myths as they hold strong meaning in our lives. Be it keeping a particular item in your house or believing in a particular cultural myth, people never lose a chance to dive deeper into such things. As you know while buying any new property or any item or anything people take out their different thinking and different levels of understanding into it. But while buying new things or property people are always very careful because they believe in a mentality that shows the cultures and traditions of the 1990s, but not only people in the ’90s, even people born in this generation are taught to respect certain myths going on for ages and ages now. People don’t know if some stories are true but they still hold great importance in our lives no matter what the situation is. 

While talking about the myths or stories there are still people who believe in Vastu and one actually should while proceeding for a new life or buying a new property. They are tantras to the direction of your house. While beginning a new venture i.e that is opening a new office or buying a new house people often take into consideration the Vastu of the new place. They result in positivity and good luck that brings to your new venture similar to how people prefer to keep a painting of 7 white running horses which brings peace to your house. This is the same way Vastu has great importance in the lives of the people. 

There are various directions one takes into consideration while buying a property which is the “south facing house Vastu plan” It is believed that the purpose of all these Vedas and other texts is to enable a human being to cherish his wide existence on the earth. Vastu is known to be a subject that is religious and has no scientific beliefs. It’s just particular thinking that is stuck in the minds of people even today and in this generation. 

About the south-facing house Vastu plan

The south-facing house Vastu plan is applicable only in the south direction in a particular place or property.

All the directions are known to be a basic manifestation of the divine and are equally important and powerful. While talking about the south direction one must know that All houses facing the south direction aren’t supposed to be good or affirm well in life. But If we have a look at the big properties worldwide all of them are south facing there is a different exception for every property for Vastu. Some of them appear to be good in the south face while some of them happen to be bad or bring negative vibes in life. South-facing placement offices appear to have a good reputation, fame, and success overall if one pays attention to them. “South facing house plans as per Vastu” are known to be good in some cases and bad in others. The south-facing house, Vastu, plans against the purchase of some homes.

There is no appearance of any bad directions in the  “south-facing house Vastu plans“. People still prefer buying north-based directions rather than south ones. Some happen to be auspicious while some do not. The south-facing house Vastu plans can be made perfect only when one applies the Vastu shastra rule. Once you dive into spiritual knowledge no one can step up on your strong beliefs. 

Few tips for the south-facing direction

  • The south-facing house Vastu plans in your homes must be the entrance in your facing property and must be placed right in the fourth pada to gain all the energies which are positive for your life. 
  • The main entrance of your house should be built slightly on the southeast side rather than the north from the central location.
  • It’s better to have an elevated southern side as a positive sign
  • The entrance gate in your house must be the largest which has an opening in a clockwise manner in the south-facing house Vastu plan.
  • Still, it is observed that the south-facing house Vastu plans appears to be the second option for people who are looking for a flat for themselves. It is still a misconception that south-facing houses are bad or good as there is no such thing which is proven yet in life. 
  • While talking about the ‘south facing house Vastu plan 30×40‘ you are offered to get a separate room for worship as well as a lot of space and a ‘2 bhk south facing house Vastu plan‘ applies to 30 x 40 sq ft

Some benefits of having a south-facing house

As you know, this south facing house Vastu plan isn’t for every individual but particular people owning an industrial complex or a property.  People about businesses can apply for south-facing places to work as it is best suited for those people. One of the biggest advantages is the adequate amount of sunlight that will reach your house, therefore this happens to be an add-on feature overall. 

While thinking of a south-facing house Vastu plan, one must take into consideration that there is no water tank or any reservoir in front of your house. It is believed that it can lead to financial loss. One must also completely avoid If there is any road crossing or junction towards the southwest according to the Vastu. It is very critical to take advice from a Vastu expert before anything if you strongly believe in it. One must be very careful in terms of Vastu and think wisely before buying any new property as some myths only leave our minds not our life. No one still knows about the myth.

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