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July 25, 2024

Find out about the Labrador puppy price in Pune

Labrador price in Pune

People who love dogs don’t lose any chance to keep them in their homes as a source of happiness. There are various types of dogs starting from their breeds to their fur, some having white fur, while some have brown fur. Dogs are like therapy to our lives, as they fill it with much joy and pleasure. Speaking about dogs, there are different breeds all over India and American breeds too. The most famous and well-known breed is the Labrador retriever or labrador. This breed is basically known to be a British breed or a gun dog. While talking about such dogs they are always very playful and active.  “Labrador puppy price in Pune” is usually low as there are not many kennels available there. 

Labradors are easy to identify with their features as they have broad heads, dropped ears, and expressive eyes which makes them much more adorable worldwide. They are the most famous dogs ever. Labradors are of various sizes and colours as per preferences. Such labradors have a high success rate all over and are known to be war dogs. Healthy labradors live up to 12 to 14 years of age. The specialty of such labradors is that they love to play in the water. You already know labradors are always ready for fun no matter what. 

Besides the dock and diving, and hunting trials, they mostly tend to perform well in Agility, Rally, and obedience. There are different colours in labradors; they are black, golden, and white. These labrador dogs are originally known to be the St John’s water dog after the city capital of Newfoundland. Because the labradors have a playful nature, people love keeping them as dogs. 

Treats and Toys

While talking about its treats, there are numerous threats which people buy for these dogs. There are cuddly treats, bone treats, and different colorful biscuits especially made for them. They also have dog cakes which are prepared especially for dogs having all ingredients which a dog loves to the core. There are also various toys specially designed for their teeth. As we humans have our things even dogs have their things but differently and it’s said that dogs are better than humans. It is said for a reason as dogs understand things that humans can’t. 

Starting from emotions to the anger of danger ahead, they can predict anything in this world. A dog can sacrifice his life not only for his owner but for literally anyone in this world because the heart of a dog is 10 times bigger than the heart of human emotion.  In return, they only expect love and care from us because that is all that matters in the end.

Labrador puppy price in Pune

As you know different cities have different prices for labradors. In Mumbai, the price is quite higher as compared to other cities as it has a lot of kennels to offer. It all depends on the color and the age of the labradors. The “Labrador puppy price in Pune” is quite low in terms of dog kennels. 

The price for labradors in Pune 

  • Labrador fawn male/ female: 25,000/- : location – pune wakad
  • Labrador female-: 27,500/- : location – pune camp
  • Labrador mix breed: 35,000/- 
  • Location – pune koregaon park
  • Labrador -: pune viman nagar -: 25,000/-
  • Location – pune pimpri chinchwad: 30,000

These prices are available in Pune for puppies. The “labrador puppy price in Pune” is between INR 25,000 to INR 35,000 and vary in different outskirts of the city. One needs to dive into a deeper knowledge to know about dogs.

When you bring home a dog, you not only gain a new family member but lifelong happiness.

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