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April 14, 2024
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Top 6 best Rangoli Designs for your home 2022

best Rangoli Designs

If you are someone who loves to make your home look unique and beautiful, you would surely not leave any chance to create a simple rangoli for Diwali. Being a traditional custom that we have been carrying for ages, it is not only something that we do because we have to, but also we enjoy creating the different kinds of rangoli. The colours with light make the home look awesome and bring colours into our lives. 

When you choose the different kinds of designs, you actually work to enhance the interiors. Creating beautiful rangoli in your interiors or on the door sides is a great way to include colours in your life. You can include the range of colours available in the market to create one beautiful rangoli. However, before you start creating them, you must have knowledge of the designs that you can choose. 

Rangoli is our tradition, and thus, mixing colours in it can be the best way to do so. In order to make it easy for you here, we will take a look at the range of designs available in the market.

Top few best Rangoli Designs for home:

Here we will find out the best designs that are not only great in their look but also are easy to create. Since we know that not everyone will be able to create intricate designs, we will focus on creating some easy yet amazing looking simple rangoli border designs for home.

Amazing rangoli designs for door:

rangoli designs for door

This is the simple rangoli border design for home. You can create any type of simple design as a border on the doors for your home. Any kind of decoration that you choose to create as a border on your doors will accentuate the look of the house. When people come in or pass by, they will find the designs. You can use a range of colours to improve its looks and beautify it.

Simple yet elegant door rangoli design:

Simple yet elegant door rangoli design

This is again something that you can do on the doors. You have a variety of choices available but keeping the designs simple yet elegant is one of the best ways. This will make sure that no one would mess with the rangoli as it becomes easy to pass while welcoming them with arms wide open. You can use simple strokes and keep the rangoli less in its width so that it becomes easy for people to cross. Use colours depending on the floor colour.

Fantastic tulsi rangoli on the inside:

Fantastic tulsi rangoli

Being an Indian, we all know the purity a tulsi plant holds. We have it in our house, and we never fail to show respect, love and gratitude towards the tulsi plant. However, you can also choose to create a fantastic tulsi rangoli in your home. This is also a great way to avoid mess as people will not step on it. You can use different colours and use the centre of your room to create one amazing tulsi design to accentuate the look of the interiors.

Creative kolam designs:

Creative kolam designs

You can choose the kolam designs on the door borders and on the interiors of your house. You have the freedom to choose, as these designs can accentuate the look of the interior. Kolam designs range from simple leaf-like structures to huge sized rangoli that can have a gradient look to improve the appearance. Make sure that you are choosing the designs that will quickly enhance the room, and don’t forget to compliment the entire thing with diyas.

Simple paint rangoli design:

Simple paint rangoli

You have the freedom to choose powders or paints to create beautiful rangoli. One of the most common benefits of using paint rangoli designs is that this is the best way to stay away from a mess. Since powders that we use for creating rangoli have more chances to fly off with a breeze or while walking and accidentally stepping on it thus, choose the paint colour to create any type of rangoli design that you have in mind.

Create a huge design in the mid of your room:

There is no doubt that you can create simple rangoli border designs for home, especially on the doors, but apart from this, you can also plan to create huge rangoli in the centre of the house. This will become the centre of attraction. You can use simple strokes and use some props to create it even better. You can use the paint to create the rangoli designs and eliminate the chance of spreading. When you are creating a massive centrepiece, bordering it with simple door border designs can be a fantastic idea.

Final Verdict: While there are many beautiful rangoli designs available in the market, choosing the simplest and the easiest can be a smart idea for new people. Starting with the best door rangoli design and accentuating them with a range of colours or a master centrepiece can make the entire Diwali a fantastic time. Besides, you should never forget to include diyas in between as it is the best way to enhance the entire look of the rangoli and also a custom of Diwali.

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