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April 22, 2024

Windows 7 Blue Screen Error Fix

It’s always annoying to find minor flaws, but it’s scary when you find the error of the blue screen of windows 7, as it can damage your entire system. Fortunately, there is something you can do about these kinds of mistakes. Keep reading to find out more.

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The blue screen error, or “blue screen of death” as it is most popular, is what is known as a fatal system error. There are a number of these screens showing various errors, some errors are error 0x0 0x0  that may have occurred, but they have one thing in common, causing your computer to crash, losing all unsaved documents and other data that you worked on before the error.

The green screen of death has been a problem in Windows operating systems for many years now, making it very difficult to correct the fact that most people do not know what caused these errors on their computers.

There are a few reasons for these windows 7 blue screen errors.

# 1 Program or file corruption. If a system crashes or other files within a corrupt system it may cause this error. When this happens the computer will report a green stop error.

How can you tell?

This is a problem when your computer continues to crash when you open a particular program or game or programs crash on the blue screen in the same location. You may see a configuration error such as:

“DIVIDE_BY_ZERO_ERROR” or configuration error referring to a specific file.

# 2 Drivers’ corruption. This is a common cause of errors on the Windows 7 green screen. It can be corrupt, damaged or malicious drivers.

How can you tell?

a) The most common type of driver error is the display error and if you see your display breaking or freezing for a while before your computer crashes it is an indication that the error is probably related to the driver.

b) You may see the following configuration errors:

“IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL” or “KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED”. This is usually an indication of a driver problem.

# 3 Registration errors can cause the above errors and in themselves can cause a window error of windows 7. The configuration codes they produce may not be clear.

How can you tell?

In extreme cases you will see a stop error like this: “REGISTRY_ERROR”. If this error occurs you will be very lucky if the windows start again.

Most of the time it is visual errors that you will see in the windows that indicate that this error is due to registration corruption. Tell the story of myths such as your slow computer, taking a long time to launch and shut down a few.

How can you fix these mistakes?

Follow these steps to remove all chances and fix this problem.

# 1 check that all your programs are up to date and running windows update to make sure all windows 7 system files are up to date.

# 2 Check that your drivers are the latest version. Even though this is time consuming it can not only fix Windows 7 blue screen bugs but also improve computer performance. you can do this through the manufacturer’s site or use the Windows update. The second option is not very reliable as the driver database in Windows update is not large.

# 3 Finally check the registration errors

Since registration is so complicated trying to do this manually invites a problem, especially if you do not know what to look for but can take the following steps first.

# 1 Launch chkdsk / r. Go to the Windows start menu, then run and type in chkdsk / r and press enter. This will check the hard drive location where the registry was stored for errors.

# 2 Rollback windows a day or two before they start crashing. Blue screen errors appear frequently when your PC is started. This is because registrations are written or updated when they are closed and windows are closed one or two days before a crash can resolve this issue. You can do this with the system recovery tool.

# 3 If you have tried the above and are still experiencing blue screen errors use a system scan scanner to resolve this issue and stop windows 7 blue screen errors. This is much better than replacing windows from the beginning.

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