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July 19, 2024

TVS iQube Electric Scooter Price in Kolkata

TVS electric scooter price

Are you planning to buy a TVS electric scooter in Kolkata? If yes, then this is definitely a great choice as electric scooters have become the trend in the market. Besides, it’s also a great step that you are taking for the environment.

TVS iQube Electric Scooter Specifications

Number of gearsAutomatic
Curb Weight118 Kg
Range75 km in a single charge
Charging Time6 hours
Battery Capacity2.25 kWh
Battery TypeLithium-ion
Engine TypeHub motor
Price ₹87,691 – ₹1.13 lakhs

With more and more people getting conscious, manufacturers have also started changing their units and focusing more on electric vehicles. There is no doubt that it can not only be safe from pollution but will also not need fuel. 

From the many brands that have started giving their attention to manufacturing electric scooters, TVS is one of them. This is a renowned automotive brand that has been offering some of the most amazing vehicles to fanatics. One of the top electric scooters that they have manufactured and offered to their customers is the TVS iQube Electric Scooter in Kolkata

TVS iQube Electric Scooter in Kolkata is one of the best products that offer you the opportunity to ride the electric bike without taking much from your pocket. No wonder TVS is known for being the 3rd biggest 2 wheeler company that earned a revenue of more than $2.9 billion. With their amazing turnover and its product line, this brand has never failed to impress its customers. 

This brand exports its vehicles to 60 other countries in the nation and is the 2nd largest exporter in India. Their new electric bike scooter in Kolkata has been the buzz of the market. People have the quest of understanding what they will get from this product that has such reasonable pricing. Well, if you are also planning to buy this electric scooter in Kolkata then obviously, you will be offered great knowledge. 


Being one of the largest manufacturers of two-wheelers in India, this brand never fails to use the technology properly. Implementing the finest technology and modern one, this company has never failed to impress its customers. The plethora of features that they are successful in integrating into this electric scooter makes them quite a memorable choice for everyone. 

This is a futuristic bike that is driven by technology. Its plenty of features will make it easy for the riders to enjoy the ride without harming the environment. This new TVS electric bike in Kolkata is something that will suffice the needs of everyone. Being stuffed with features, this bike is a great thing for riders who wish to enjoy a great ride. 

Charging of TVS iQube Electric: 

One of the biggest queries that riders have before they buy an electric bike is charging. No wonder electric charging facilities are not well known yet, and everyone would like to remain safe while buying. Keeping in mind about the less number of facilities present in the market along with the need for less time to charge, this TVS iQube Electric in Kolkata is a great choice. 

This new TVS iQube Electric scooter in Kolkata will take almost 6 hours to get fully charged. So, you have to wait for only 6 hours until you run for the entire day. You can even put this on a charge from anywhere you feel like as it has been created to make it useful. 

Mileage of TVS iQube Electric: 

Keeping in mind about the need for mileage, this brand has offered a great choice. This scooter is simply amazing for the small rides that you want. You can ride this scooter as it can run 75 km in one charge. Once you have completed it, you have put it in to charge for the next 6 hours to get it fully charged once again. It has definitely cracked it for the users who have to move at short distances. 

Top Speed of TVS iQube Electric: 

If you are a speed rider, then a scooter is definitely not a good choice. But this scooter has kept it pretty much okay for everyone by offering a good 78 km/hr top speed. You can thoroughly enjoy the ride on this scooter. 

Warranty: Keeping in mind about offering a good assurance to the riders, this electric scooter has surpassed the needs. This TVS iQube electric scooter in Kolkata comes with 3 years of warranty. Thus, you can enjoy almost 50,000 km without worrying. 

TVS electric scooter price in Kolkata: 

Keeping the bike price pretty much affordable, this TVS electric scooter price in Kolkata is available at ₹87,691 – ₹1.13 lakhs. You can choose as per your budget and ride effortlessly without worrying.

Bottom Line: So now that you have learned about the new TVS iQube Electric Scooter in Kolkata and its price, it’s time that you bring it home. So take a great step for the environment by buying an electric scooter at an affordable price.