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April 12, 2024

BMW Cycle Price in India 2022 | BMW Cycle Models

BMW Bike

Are you planning to buy a BMW cycle? If yes, then you have landed in the right place. This is the German brand that has launched the 4th generation cycles in India. There is no doubt about the fact that BMW cycles have a premium class price tag that comes with them. Therefore you might have a lot of questions before you buy a BMW cycle. Thus, we are here to talk about the BMW cycle price and some of the specs that they have integrated.

Recently. BMW has three different models available in their 4th generation product line. Their flagship model is the one that comes with the matter color in complete black. They have other options as well, which are in blue and silver. Their prices will also vary from another, and thus it would require you to have knowledge about them and the specifications they offer.

BMW Cycle ModelBMW Cycle PriceBuy Now
Unique Collection BMW Derailleurs/Fat Foldable Bicycle/Cycle with Speed Gear₹19,990.00

BMW Cycle Price in India

You can easily purchase a BMW Cycle in India from their official website. BMW Cycle price in India starts from Rs 1.07 Lakh to Rs 1.48 Lakh. You can also buy BMW cycles offline in Delhi, Kolkata, Lucknow and other cities of India from their retailers.

Frozen Blue BMW Cycle: 

The BMW cruise bike that is available in frozen blue is one of the very first names on the list. You will not find a huge design, but they have a minimal fixie design on this. This has been designed by the BMW design studio. They have also featured the logo of BMW on its front frame. This BMW cycle price in India is around Rs 1,08,747. 

Prime features: 

  • It contains the aluminum frame 
  • It has the rear disc brakes and hydraulic front
  • It comes with the Shimano brakes 
  • They have 160mm of the rear disc and 180mm of front disc
  • It has the 28-inch wheels 
  • It comes with an adjustable seat
  • It has rigid forks

Glossy Silver BMW Bike: 

This is the next one on their list. This is one of the prime variants available in the standard model. It also comes with the fixie design that has been developed by the Designworks team. The exceptional difference in the color is that it is available in a glossy paint finish. This BMW cycle price in India is around Rs 1,08,747. It offers you the freedom to choose any at the same price. 

Prime features: 

  • It comes with a very lightweight aluminum frame 
  • It has the Hydraulic Shimano Disc Brakes
  • It has been included with the 7-speed gear by Shimano Nexus
  • They have 160mm of the rear disc and 180mm of front disc
  • They have been included with adjustable seat 
  • It has the 28-inch wheels included in it 
  • It has been included with rigid forks
  • It has the black web rims
  • They have the continental cruiser tyres

Brief Overview of BMW Bikes: 

The new fourth-generation bicycles have been included with the minimal fixie look, along with they have offered the standard colors. They have two variants in colors to help people get the best. This is available in three different frames like large, medium, and small sizes. The aluminum frame that has been included in it makes it lightweight and easy to manage the bike. You will find that it has only 13kg of weight. 

Its standard types have been equipped with 7-speed gears. To ensure seamless braking and east riding, it has the 160mm disc rear brake and 180mm disc front brake. That also features the 28-inch wheel with the cruiser tyres. The premium equipment that is fitted makes it a good choice. 

BMW M Bike: 

This is their flagship item that has been included in the Indian market. This is also designed with their in-house Designworks team. You will only find the BMW M bike in one variant n margate black pain. This has been equipped with amazing hardware. This is the top model that they have kept in their product line. This BMW cycle price is Rs 1,48,291. 

Product Feature: 

  • They have a slim frame design 
  • They have sporty handlebars
  • They have included carbon fiber elements
  • You can find 11-speed gear from Shimano SLX/XT
  • It has included 160mm disc rear brake and 180mm disc front brake
  • They have extra sport grand types 
  • The cycle includes seat post from carbon fibre 

Final Verdict on BMW Cycle: 

Till now, the BMW cycle has only come up with these three models, which can help you to ride with ease. These are the fourth generation cycles that are available with a high BMW cycle price in India. Their price starts from Rs 1.07 lakhs and can range to 1.48 lakhs. 

The price variation has an impact on their specifications as well. If you are looking for a stylish BMW cycle, then you can check their 4th generation cycles.