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July 19, 2024
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What are the incredible benefits and prices of Salmon Fish in India?

Salmon Fish

We all are pretty much aware of Salmon fish. Even when this has recently become a part of the diet among Indians, we all know the way salmon can be beneficial for your health. This is no doubt one of the nutritious foods that you can find on the planet. Keeping a good portion of salmon on your regular diet can be largely beneficial in maintaining your overall health. 

This popular fish is not only known for being a fatty fish that has been loaded with ample nutrients, but also it can be largely beneficial in reducing the risk factors associated with some diseases. Irrespective of your taste buds, you can also find a way to consume salmon and can stay assured that it remains a lot beneficial for your health in a lot of ways, 

Being widely available in the market, this versatile and tasty dish can be prepared and included to enjoy your meal every day. Besides, you can stay assured that you will not gain extra mass for having salmon. So to know more about the way salmon fish can be beneficial for your health, here are some of them.

OMEGA-3 fatty acids:

You must have heard about OMEGA-3 fatty acids and how it is beneficial to your health. Rather than taking the pills that are formulated in a lab, having salmon fish can be even better. These fishes are known to be the best choice of OMEGA-3 fatty acid source. The names are docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA).

You will be able to get 2.3grams of the omega-3 long-chain fatty acids by having only 3.5 ounces or 100grams of the farm salmon. However, even some of the wild salmon you can find consist of 2.2grams of fatty acids. Compared to the other kinds of fats, OMEGA-3 fatty acids are known to be an essential element. 

The reason why you need an external source as your body is unable to produce them. Most of the time, the health organizations ask the adults to intake at least 250–1,000 mg DHA and EPA in combination every day. 

DHA and EPA are considered essential as it has some of the most amazing health benefits like lowering blood pressure which is common in older adults, decreasing inflammation, reducing cancer and improving the cell functioning which lines the arteries. 

From the many studies that have been done, 22 studies have proven that using the supplement can improve the functioning of your arteries, especially people who have been into smoking high cholesterol levels or are overweight. Moreover, it has also been shown that getting these fatty acids from the salmon fish improves the body functioning rather than having the oil capsules. So if you are thinking about the amount, then two servings of salmon fish every week can be helpful to meet the OMEGA-3 needs in your body.

Great source of good protein:

Salmon is known to be one of the best choices when it comes to getting quality protein. Similar to omega-3 fatty acids, protein is one of the most important nutrients that you should include in your diet. 

There are a lot of roles that proteins play in your body, and some of them are improving the healing process, maintaining your muscle mass, and protecting the health of your bones. This is especially one of the essential things that you should keep as a part of the diet when you grow older and in the process of weight loss. 

In a recent study, it has been found that in order to gain the best health condition, there is a need to offer 20 to 30 grams of protein every day. This can meet the need for good proteins in the body.

Great way to intake Vitamin B:

Salmon fish is no doubt one of the biggest sources of vitamin B. A large number of B vitamins present in this fish makes them one of the best additions to your meals. Here are some of the Vitamin B content that you can find in a wild salmon of 3.5 ounces. 

  • Niacin
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Riboflavin
  • Thiamin
  • Pantothenic Acid
  • Folic Acid

These are some of the most common vitamins that your body needs to perform the different functions, which includes converting the food you are intaking into energy, forming and repairing DNA, and reducing the chronic inflammation that leads to different kinds of diseases. 

There are several studies that show Vitamin B has a large number of benefits in maintaining the functioning of the nervous system and brain. Even when you live in a developed country, chances are there that you might become deficient in more than one vitamin.

Incredible source of Potassium:

Salmon is definitely a great source of Potassium. This is true for the wild salmons as these salmons provide you with a good 13% of Potassium when intaken 3.5 ounces. However, the number reduces to 8% when it is about the farmed salmon. 

Well, if compared to a banana of the same size, wild salmons are considered a great choice as it offers more Potassium. You can get a good 9% of the daily value recommended. Potassium is considered one of the most important nutrients, which is about managing blood pressure. Besides, it also plays a major role in reducing the chances of stroke. 

Even the reviews have shown that potassium supplements can have an impact in ensuring a significant reduction of blood pressure. Besides, it also combines with sodium to regulate blood pressure and fluid balance by preventing too much water retention.

Reduce risk associated with heart health:

When you eat salmon fish on a daily basis, you can actually help yourself by improving your heart health. Since a huge part of the salmon has the ability to improve the OMEGA-3 levels in your blood, it can eventually become helpful in ensuring the cognition of your heart health. 

Even the research says that if the balance of the fatty acids is maintained, it can improve the Rosh with heart health.

Salmon Fish Price in India

In India, the Salmon fish price ranges from rupees 450 to 3000 per kg. Salmon fish’s price varies from city to city and depends upon availability.

CityPrices in Indian Rupees/Kg
BangaloreINR 650 – INR 1000
DelhiINR 1000 – INR 2500
HyderabadINR 845 – INR 1500
KolkataINR 600 – INR 2000
ChennaiINR 1000 – INR 2000
MumbaiINR 950 – INR 3000
KeralaINR 850 – INR 1800
OdishaINR 450 – INR 1500
PuneINR 1250 – INR 2500
LudhianaINR 1350 – INR 2400
GurgaonINR 650 – INR 2500
JaipurINR 500 – INR 1850
AhmedabadINR 650 – INR 2700
ChandigarhINR 500 – INR 1950
CoimbatoreINR 750 – INR 2300
GoaINR 900 – INR 3000

Bottom Line: So, these are some of the most common benefits that come with including salmon fish in your diet. Although the list can keep continuing, these are, to name a few, that can help you to understand the benefits of eating salmon fish.

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