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April 14, 2024
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Top 10 Impeccable Blouse Work Designs 2022

Blouse Work Designs

Women and saree are strongly associated with each other. No doubt that it is easy to get the saree that you love, but the major challenge lies in deciding on the blouse work designs that will suit the best. We all know how the design of a blouse matter when it comes to a saree. No matter how great your saree looks, until you have the blouse perfectly designed, you will never be able to attain the benchmark that you wish. 

Being a woman, it is always a need for us to wear trendy and look ravishing. Undeniably, a saree can achieve the paradigm, but only when you have paired it with a blouse that has the top designs. This is when everyone else around you starts talking and thinking, “Wow!” So in order to make you look perfect in a saree, today we will pay attention to some of the most trending blouse work designs. 

Whether you are a bride-to-be or maybe someone who just wants to fill the wardrobe with the trending designer blouses to pair with sarees, here are some of them.

Puff blouse back design:

If you wish to give a hint of a traditional look with a trendy back design, then you can go for the puff blouses with a fantastic back design. Giving a puff on the shoulders itself elevates the definition of the look, and when you pair it up with some amazing back designs, you are definitely going to become the showstopper of the venue.

Puff blouse back

There is a range of back designs that you can choose from, like going completely “V” with or without mesh. You can also use a bow back and let some skin peep through it to accentuate the entire look. The circular back design is also widely popular. Apart from this, you can keep a bareback with mesh and puffed sleeves to make the entire look slightly different.

Blouse astin design:

In the recent trend, one of the most trending is the Astin design. Women are more flattered with these new designs that completely focus on their arms. This is one of those very few designs that pay attention to bringing new designs for the arms. You can create anything, including any type of design. 

blouse austin

One of the most popular among the astin designs is the use of threading-like structures on the arms. Whether you are willing to go half sleeve or full, the amazing work that looks like threading accentuates the entire you. This way, you are not only able to accentuate your look, but also your arms remain in the focus points. Besides, not only threads but ornaments are also being used to enhance the looks.

Threadwork blouse designs:

If you are more into giving your blouse a conventional look, then you can go for the thread work designs. There are endless ways that you can use your thread work and accentuate your perfectly looking blouse that suits your saree. However, you have to make sure that the thread work that you are planning is similar to that of your traditional saree look.

Threadwork blouse designs

You can make the thread work on your entire sleeve or on the border of your back cut or front cut. Apart from this, you can show the thread work that would run down to the full length of the sleeve. These are some of the most common ways that you can choose for your thread work design on the blouse.

Traditional puff sleeve blouse:

This is one of the most common designs that you will find in South India. Traditional puff is very common in south Indian marriage ceremonies as it tends to elevate the entire look of the bride. This is again a design that will suit a traditional saree and half sleeve. However, you can also go less than half sleeve with a puff if you wish.

Traditional puff sleeve blouse

Most of the time, the sleeve remains tight with the arms size, and the top of your arms remains puff. This is one of the best ways to get the traditional south Indian look and show off the beauty of the saree. You can also do some thread work or with zari on the puff to accentuate the look. Whether half sleeve or full sleeve or three quarter, this is a design that suits any length.

Marathi paithani blouse designs:

Just as the name goes, this blouse design makes you look like a Marathi. These are mostly some of the bold designs that come with a lot of zari work and thread work with it. The best part about this blouse design is that the blouse looks extremely amazing from every angle. You can choose to use complete zari work on the sleeves or in the borders, or you can use it on the back.

Marathi paithani blouse designs

The unique look of a Marathi blouse comes from the bold colors and its shape. They have a very conventional look with endless designing options that you can do on them. From leaving a deep bareback to keeping it completely covered with a good amount of thread and zari work, this house design can help you do anything with it.

Simple blouse work designs:

Not every time you will have to wear a blouse that has a large amount of work done on it. It might make you look over the top. Especially when you are going to a morning party or a friend’s day out, wearing blouses that have heavy work can make you look absurd. Thus, you will always find it extremely handy to have blouses with simple designs on them.

Simple blouse work designs

Simple blouse designs can range in a lot of varieties. You can just keep the entire blouse design completely simple while just working on the sleeve borders and neck and back borders. You can keep the borders thick or thin, which is completely your choice. Besides, you can keep the entire blouse completely simple while just designing on the center of your back. Make sure that the designs go perfectly with your saree.

Aari work blouse designs:

Aari is the old Indian technique of embroidery that consists of stitching designs and stretching fabrics by the use of long needles. Aari is the name of the needle that is being used in the process of making it. Being handwoven, these are some of the most expensive and most stunning designs that you can find.

Aari work blouse designs

You can design it in a lot of ways by including zardozi work with french knots and rounded back to keep the back transparent with designs above the mesh. There are also layered designs which can be mostly seen on the sleeves, and one of the most common is the layered applique. This looks exceptionally spectacular. Besides, ornaments are also being used to improve its appearance.

Simple mirror work blouse designs:

This is one of the designs that has kept ruling women’s wardrobes for ages. With time the designs got better, but the concept of using mirrors remained irreplaceable. There are endless ways to include mirrors in the blouse design. Some women love to put one big mirror on their sleeves, while others love to go sleeveless by using mirrors throughout zari work.

Simple mirror work blouse designs

There are a lot of ways of using mirrors, and it actually elevates the look of the blouse along with the woman wearing it. It offers a party look because of the b=heavy work that goes with including mirrors on the blouses. Nevertheless, you can keep any designs on your back, neck, and arms.

Knot blouse design:

This is probably one of the most trendy designs that you can see everywhere. Whether it is about attaining a traditional look or a chic modern look, women are looking for knots everywhere. Knots can perfectly suit the modern sleeveless designs that go completely backless just with a knot to the traditional designs with huge zardozi work on them.

Simple mirror work blouse designs

You can create different types of knots. You can choose to include knots on the bottom of your back or on top or maybe vertically. You can also keep a V back with a knot that keeps the blouse secure at its position. There are endless possibilities with the knot blouse design, and without any doubt, this is a design that can suit any look – from traditional to modern.

Cutwork blouse designs:

Cutwork is also a design that simply looks fabulous on anyone. This is a method where cuts are made on the artwork. This can be left as it is, or sometimes you can use mesh underneath to make it look even better. Cutwork can be done on the back or on the entire sleeve. There is a myriad of ways where you can use the cutwork design and make your blouse look extremely elegant. 

cutwork blouse designs

This is one of the best ways to look absolutely gorgeous in traditional wear. Besides, the cutwork blouse design is extremely popular with lehenga.

Bottom line: Well, these are some of the most common types of blouse work designs that you can choose to do for yourself. So pick one and enhance your look with a beautiful saree on any special eve.

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