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May 27, 2024
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What is college dorm party? Everything you need to know

College drom party

A dormitory, generally abbreviated and called the dorm, is commonplace within a school, hostel, and college building where accommodation has been provided to the in-house students. A dorm is like a hostel. A dorm is a large room where multiple beds are aligned to accommodate the students of that particular institution. The students residing in a dorm are not necessarily of the same course or age; juniors and seniors are sometimes provided with a standard dorm room. Since most of the students are adults at the university level, students are allowed to party in their dorms after their studies. 

Dorm parties will make your life memorable and your college life fun. A college dorm party is a must-attend if you have the opportunity many a time. Even the non-boarders are invited to the college dorm party to increase the fun and thrill. However, since a dorm party is not under the supervision of the parents and the students are free from any restrictions, there are chances that a few things could go wrong white attending or hosting college dorm parties, so be attentive and be cautious; it is not wrong to have a college dorm room party. Still, it should be done with a sense of responsibility.

Things you can do to make your collage dorm parties more memorable

College is a place to explore oneself and rediscover yourself, college dorm parties are perfect for meeting new people and making new friends, but one needs an ice breaker. Sometimes a theme-based college dorm party works as an ideal ice breaker. You can host or pitch the idea to the host to organize a theme-based collage dorm party

There are several options to choose from, from the historical eras of classical art and literature to the Victorian ages. The pop culture era was another fun-filled time in the memory lane, and then the early two thousand were no less. With jazz and rock music, you can pep up your party, and if there seems to be a piece of work, just shed everything and organize a pajama party where everyone will be comfortable. 

People expect food and drinks when they hear the word party. Everyone should chip in a nominal share for this purpose as one person alone cannot do the total spending. Try to keep dry food so that nothing gets dirty even if it is spilled. Be careful when it comes to alcohol consumption. Many students are not above the legal age, and alcohol might make some people out of their senses and do something nasty. So it is best to not keep hard alcohol like whiskey or rum during the initial parties. You could serve beer that too only to those legally allowed to consume alcohol.

Games for a college dorm party

To make a college dorm room party more entertaining, including games. It will engage the attendees and give them a fun-filled with pleasure and leisure. Some of the games you can play at a college dorm party are Truth or Dare, Cards, Dumb Charades, and Dark Room. Another game by the name of spoon assassin is also hilarious, but to play this game, every player should have a Facebook profile. Enjoy your college dorm room parties with these leisure-filled funny games. 

How to be a good host at a college dorm party?

If you are one of those who think that they have the ability and capability to host a college dorm room party, then go for it but keep a few things in mind to be a good host, inform everyone you want to invite well before so that they can make it, take permission from the higher authorities, do not forget to ask your neighbors, try to decorate the dorm to give it a different touch, take help from fellow mates, arrange for food and beverages. This somewhat summarizes everything you should keep in mind before becoming a host.

Things you keep in mind while at a college dorm room party

It would be best to keep in mind a few things to avoid at a college dorm room party or parties to have a clean, trouble-free party with no drama and only amusement.

First of all, do not serve alcohol if you do not give it to underage people. Keep only light drinks that have less percentage of alcohol.

Ask everyone to carry their ID cards.

Take prior permission from the authorities.

Follow the guidelines provided by your institution or college regarding college dorm parties.

Do not make noise pollution. Keep the music system low.

Clean the dormitory before leaving the party.

If you are the host, avoid inviting the bullies, they tend to disrupt other people’s sanity.

Overall, college dorm room parties are parties that one should attend during their stay at the college, this phase of the life is one of the most awaited in everyone’s life, and it finishes in a blink, with assignments, college festivals, studies, and exams the years go by like days. You don’t even realize it, so make the fullest of this time, expand your networking, make new friends, work hard towards your life goals, and party hard. Still, you do not forget that you have to make a life for yourself and balance your college and party life properly to remember your parties with nostalgia and not regret.