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July 25, 2024

Don Hill Station – The gem about which you should know

Don Hill Station

Don Hill station is a picture-postcard place that is a less-known beauty in the state of Gujarat in India. The Don Hill station is a greenery-clad mountainous village hill station in the district of Dang. Don hill station is named after Dronacharya, a character from the Indian epic Mahabharat. Guru Drona was the teacher (Acharya) of Pandavas and Kauravas. Don Hill station, Gujarat, is situated at ten thousand meters above the mean sea level. Don Hill station is a part of the Western Ghats known by the name Sahaydari mountain ranges. 

The western ghats cover an area of one lakh sixty thousand square kilometers. The western ghats run parallel to the coastline of the west of India, covering and traversing the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. The western ghats meet with the eastern ghats (the eastern mountain ranges) that run parallel to the east coastline of India meet at Nilgiri hills.

The Don Hill station, Gujarat, is popularly known as the green paradise. It is a small and surreal hill station situated in a forest area named Dang in the western ghats. Since western ghats are famous for having a diverse and rare range of flora (flowers) and fauna (animals). Almost every month, a new butterfly or a flower species is discovered in western ghats. This makes the Don Hill station more interesting. Don Hill station is considered one of the most worth visiting hill stations around Vadodara, Gujarat. Don Hill station is preferred by explorers, solo travelers, or even many friends. People who want to get away from the hustling and bustling city life can take a break and visit this picturesque beauty. It has year-round low temperatures that are bound to calm your nerves and work as an abstract meditation for your body and mind.

What is the best time to visit Don Hill Station?

The best time to visit Don Hill station is in May, June, July, August, and September.

Don Hill station is a culturally rich getaway. The rich culture is attributed to the tribal population that inhabits the village. Around twelve hundred tribal people live here, so if you are a fan of experiencing different, diverse, and new cultures, you should visit this small hill station.

Which festival is celebrated by the people of Don Hill Station?

The local population of the Don Hill station celebrates a festival in February known by the name of Don Mahautsav every year. This festival also attracts tourists at large. The festival is celebrated by singing tribal songs and dances by the Adivasi (this name knows tribal people in Hindi) population of the village, who dress up in vibrant and colorful attires.

There are also several adventure sports and activities that thrill-seekers can try out in Don Hill station, such as camping at night, paragliding, parasailing, etc.

Don Hill Station Resorts

An essential aspect of traveling anywhere is accommodation. Various hotels and resorts are located in Don Hill station and are available at affordable rates. Some of the hotels and resorts are:

Hotel Lake View: Hotel Lake View, near the hill station, has an exquisite décor. It is a four-star hotel with a spa, gym, on-site restaurant, and commendable room services. This hotel has six variants of rooms for its guests: Deluxe Room, Deluxe Family Room, Premium Deluxe Room, Premium Room, Honeymoon Room, Studio Suite, and Maharaja Suite. You can choose from these multiple options. They will differ in the price. This hotel can also be booked for weddings and parties, so this is it if you have planned a hilltop wedding for yourself.

Chitrakoot Hill Resort: This is a four-star hotel with a well-trained staff. This hotel provides modern and spacious rooms with all the facilities. It is situated between the sunset and sunrise points, which will make your holiday trip a memorable one. This hotel has an expansive swimming pool where you can cool your nerves and feel refreshed. It also has an in-house dine-in restaurant that serves delicious meals.

Saffron Valley: This hotel is for people who are on a budget. It is cheaper than the hotels mentioned above. It doesn’t have swimming pools or spas, but it will provide a quality room and a scenic view with free Wi-Fi.

Hotel Anando: This is another budget hotel you can consider if you are planning to visit with your friends and only need a place to keep your belongings. It has proper rooms that will suffice your basic needs and requirements.

The hotels mentioned earlier and resorts are only a few you can consider. You can also search for other hotels based on your pocket if you want.

How to reach from Surat to Don Hill station?

There are primarily three modes of transportation to reach Don Hill station from Surat’s city: by air, road, and by rail or train.

The distance between the city of Surat and Don Hill station is somewhere around 160-164 kilometers, so if you are considering traveling by your private car, it might take around three to four hours to reach the hill station via the Gujarat state highway 174.

The Surat Airport is 120 kilometers away from the Don Hill station. Hiring a taxi from the airport or waiting for a bus service to reach the hill station. The view you will witness will be mesmerizing.

If you are a train lover and want to take the rail route to reach the Don Hill station, then board the train from Waghai on the Bilimora-Waghai railway route. It will be more convenient. Even bus services are available from here.

Overall the Don Hill station is a perfect getaway for people in nearby places like Gujarat and Maharashtra. It will provide you with an experience of a lifetime.