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May 27, 2024
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What qualifications are required to get into Singapore law industry?

Singapore has emerged out as a developed cosmopolitan city-state that offers world-class education and various opportunities for one to grow and learn. Many global companies have established their base here as Singapore is widely regarded as a business-friendly place. 

Among the various qualifications available to them, students gravitate towards studying law in Singapore due to the availability of excellent courses. You can choose to study law diploma with LSBF Singapore if you are keen to start a successful career in this industry. If you are wondering what this diploma entails that can be beneficial to your career, then here is what you need to know.

Law Diploma in Singapore 

With a 3rd highest GDP per capita in the world, Singapore automatically becomes a great place to practice a profession like law. Though, if you are planning to work as an attorney here then you need to first seek admission to the Singapore Bar Association. Obtaining a law degree becomes a pre-requisite for all practising attorneys. 

Hence students can go from Bachelor of Law program to a master’s level degree and even PhD. All these programmes have long tenure and cost a substantial amount of fees as well. Also, for many students, the aim of studying law is to use its knowledge in their industry or widen their career prospects. 

In all such scenarios, a law diploma becomes a fabulous means of building a strong base in the legal industry. It introduces you to all kinds of relevant concepts and practical knowledge that is of importance to the sector. 

There are many things that you will get to learn through such a diploma, such as, effectively interpreting situations where legal input is required and subsequently sharing valuable information in such a scenario. That is not all, the learnings from diploma in law are vast and imbibe many other things. 

Learnings from Law Diploma 

The various learning outcomes that you can derive through a diploma in law contains many notable points. Some of them are shared below: 

  • Gain an understanding of the core principles of law and their application in various sectors. It also helps students to showcase the right legal knowledge in various scenarios and the operation of law in all such situations. 
  • Being able to identify every legal issue correctly and using the right skill, knowledge, and analytic skill to handle the issue effectively. 
  • Make good use of communication skills to present information and argue or analyse any evidence across a range of audience.   

Along with these skills, with a diploma in law, you also get to develop soft skills like critical thinking and cognitive skills that are of immense use in law, as well as other business sectors.   

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