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July 19, 2024

Why Opt for Pipe Relining Instead of Pipe Replacement?

Pipe Relining

From the moment you wake up and take a shower till dinner hour, you heavily rely on optimal conditions of the pipes. However, you can often face issues like leakage, blockage, etc. As such, calling a plumber is your only option.

With plumbing costs touching the average range of $100 and $150 per hour, you must look into cheaper and better repair options like pipe relining. Look up pipe relining in Eastern Suburbs, and you will find multiple service providers.

Pipe relining is better than traditional repairing methods due to the following reasons:

No Ground Excavation Needed to Repair Pipes

Have you seen roads or front yards dug up for piping repairs outside homes in Northern Beaches? In the olden days, it would be a common sight and often cause trouble for homeowners or neighbours.

However, pipe relining does not require ground excavation and is less intrusive than traditional repair methods. With minimal or zero digging, your daily activities aren’t affected. Similarly, you don’t have to pay to retain the lawn or garden beds back to their original glory.

Less Money Needed to Reline Pipes via Trenchless Method

Plumbing can be pretty expensive in Northern Beaches, depending on the level of pipe damage. However, if you plan to replace the entire pipe instead of relining it, you will have to pay a far higher amount. Firstly, you must hire manpower to dig up the affected area.

Doing so will require time, extra equipment, and effort, which can cost you handsomely. Furthermore, during the repair process, the plumber can also end up hitting another pipe, thus increasing the cost far beyond your reach. As such, it is always better to opt for trenchless relining as it poses lesser structural damage risk.

Prevents Pipe Leaks by Sealing the Damaged Area

The pipe relining procedure starts by inserting a small CCTV camera in the affected area. As such, the plumber can quickly know the extent of damage and chalk out a plan to stop further leakage. Doing so also saves time and lets the team know where to divert their attention.

Once the real cause behind the pipe leakage or blockage gets identified, the plumber uses a resin solution to fix the pipe’s internal structure. As a result, all the cracks and crevices are neatly covered. It further ensures no external tree roots or dirt particles can enter the pipe.

Allows Partial Repairs and Better Water Flow

With pipe replacement services in Northern Beaches, the patching system does not work. You have to get the entire affected pipe replaced. However, with pipe relining, you can only work on a specific portion by using epoxy solutions.

Epoxy also helps water flow over time. Since most traditional pipes are made of cast iron, concrete, or clay, calcification will likely slow the water flow over the years. However, epoxy liners are grooveless and help in keeping the pipe clean.

Wrapping Up

Is your kitchen pipe blocked? Or perhaps you are facing a leaky faucet issue in the bathroom? Regardless of what the situation is, you need a plumber’s help. As such, you must start looking for pipe relining in Northern Beaches to help you out.

Focusing on pipe relining rather than traditional repair methods will help you save money and time. You won’t have to rely on ground excavation, thus making the entire process seamless.