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July 19, 2024

Hero Flash Electric Scooter Price in Delhi

Hero Flash Electric Scooter Price in Delhi

Hero MotoCorp Limited is an Indian Multinational motorcycle or motorbikes and scooters manufacturer. It was previously called Hero Honda due to the partnership of the two companies, Hero and Honda. Still, in the year 2011, Hero and Honda separated from each other after their twenty-six long years of partnership. After Hero split from Honda, it had to develop its in-house technology. Hero has its headquarters in New Delhi. The company is the largest two-wheeler manufacturer in India and the world.

Hero was always known for its fuel-efficient two-wheelers. A very catchy and effective slogan of Hero during its inception years was “Fill it-Shut it-Forget it,” which focused on fuel efficiency and helped its growth at an unprecedented rate.

A Hero motorcycle was found in almost all middle-class families.

Hero Electric Scooter in Delhi

However, the Hero company has further expanded its market by launching the intelligent electric scooter in Delhi, the Hero Flash Scooter, that can be ridden without a permanent license. Thus, anyone above sixteen has the right to ride this Hero Flash electric scooter. 

School children in classes eleventh and twelfth can go to their schools and study centers using this vehicle. It is scooty with a portable battery, clever design, easy to maneuver, LED headlamps, and various other features that are bound to attract an electric scooter buyer.

Hero Flash Electric Scooter Specifications

Range85 Kilometer/charge
High Speed25 km/h
Weight87 Kilogram
Charging Time4-5 Hours
Motor Power250 Watts
Wheel Size12 Inches
Battery Capacity51.2V/30Ah
PriceINR 59,640

Features of Hero Flash Electric Scooter

  • Hero Electric Flash Scooter has a speed of up to 25 km/h.
  • The range of distance this scooter can cover is 85 km per charge.
  • Hero Electric scooter takes four to five hours to get fully charged.
  • This bike comes with 250 watts of motor power.

Alloy Wheels: The Hero Flash scooter has alloy wheels to help you ride in style. Alloy wheels make the vehicle lighter and stable.

LED Lamps- The led lamps installed in the Flash electric scooter, both as headlamps and tail lamps, help the rider see even in the dark, which skips many accidents, and keeps the rider safe during stormy nights, rainy evenings when the roads are not clear.

USB charger: If you are running late for a meeting and your phone battery is out of charge, worry not. The USB charger available in your electric scooter will save you time. Plug-in your mobile phone and ride on.

Portable Battery: The portable battery inside the Flash electric scooter makes recharging the scooter relatively easy, convenient, and hassle-free. You can detach the battery from the scooter and charge it in the comfort and ease of your home.

Telescopic Suspension: Telescopic suspension system is used chiefly on motorcycles, where it is highly successful due to its weight and capability to absorb the jerks and bumps found while riding The primary objective of the telescopic suspension system is to resist the unnecessary motion of the spring, which in turn helps in providing a comfortable jerk-free ride and stability while riding.

Two-color: Variants for Hero Flash electric scooter are available; one is red, and another is silver. Choose your option.

Digital Instrument Cluster: The Hero Flash scooter comes with a digital instrument cluster in the middle of the handle. It provides all the rider’s necessary information, such as speed, battery availability, etc.

Hero Flash Electric Scooter Price in Delhi

The Hero Electric Scooter Price in Delhi is very affordable. Hero has not disappointed its trustworthy customers and has kept the price of the Hero Flash scooter at Fifty-Nine Thousand Six Hundred and Forty Rupees only; this is the ex-showroom price of the Hero Flash Electric scooter in Delhi. Much affordable, isn’t it. One can buy this vehicle without taking a loan or getting a hole in their pockets. Indeed The Hero Flash Electric Scooter Price in Delhi is low and affordable for a middle-class person.

Hero Electric Scooter in Delhi

There is another Hero electric scooter in Delhi, available on a budget. Other Hero Electric Scooters in Delhi are Hero Eddy, Hero Electric Optima LX, Hero Electric Optima LX (Valve Related Lead Acid Battery), and Hero Electric Flash LX (Valve Related Lead Acid Battery), Hero Electrica Atria LX. These Hero Electric Scooters in Delhi come with a lithium-ion battery, except for a valve-related lead-acid battery.

As mentioned earlier, Hero Electric Scooters in Delhi are affordable compared to the other bikes available in the market.

Hero Electric Scooter Price in Delhi

Hero Electric prices in Delhi are available for different Hero Electric bikes. The prices differ slightly from each other. They are mentioned below:

  • Hero Eddy- Starts at 70,000 Rupees
  • Hero Electric Optima LX – 67,440 Rupees 
  • Hero Electric Optima LX (Valve Related Lead Acid Battery) – 51,440
  • Hero Electric Flash LX (Valve Related Lead Acid Battery) – 46,640 Rupees
  • Hero Electrica Atria LX- 71,690 Rupees
Electric Bike

Electric Bikes are gaining popularity since the Indian central government and the state government of Delhi itself are encouraging its citizens to go green and turn towards cleaner equipment and vehicles, the people have also gained a sense of responsibility and accountability towards the environment, and they have turned to Electric bikes.

These are also available at different bike stands in Delhi for people to avail themselves of its benefits by just renting it at a nominal price. Electric bikes are often seen on roads in the Capital City; it also encourages their fellow citizens to go green and adopt cleaner and pollutant-accessible modes of transportation.

Electric bikes are essential since Delhi has been tagged as one of the most polluted cities in India and the whole world many times. Electric vehicles are better than fuel-driven vehicles. They do not create noise pollution, which is the source of headaches in a city like Delhi with heavy traffic.

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