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April 25, 2024
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How to Color your Kitchen as per Vastu?

Kitchen color as per vastu

Nowadays some myths are believed more than anything else in the world. Once you go in for believing what each thing, moment, or time spiritually means there is no going back in time.

People have created hundreds of myths that they have been following even till now. Not only elders but now even this belief has taken over the youngsters these days. Things or the situations aren’t the same anymore, people pass on their firm beliefs to the younger ones just like a passing cloud and with a strong wave people even believe it. It’s not something bad to believe things, in fact, according to me, everyone in their life should have good affirmations and beliefs. One gains such knowledge once you have been through things or has seen the real world. Be it the superstional paintings, or the kitchen color as per Vastu nothing has been proven wrong till now. 

It’s up to you if you want to believe such superstitions or not. Keeping things in your house as per Vastu to bring good luck works in some cases while in some cases it does not work, but the point is if you strongly believe in what is best for you, you will always respect what you see. People even abroad believe such superstitions because come on we all know what to believe and what not to.  It’s all about the game and theory of life and death. 

People who don’t even believe such things still follow the traditional rituals because of their thinking that what if something wrong happens? What if it affects us? This is what needs to be changed in life. You must learn to accept whatever applies or happens to live and respect it with equal importance. Be it keeping a photo of a white owl or be it believing what angel numbers are or even what color your house should be painted in, everything in this world has a meaning attached. Things don’t happen to be a coincidence. So we must believe such things widely.

Kitchen colors as per Vastu

While talking about the ‘kitchen color as per Vastu, The color of the kitchen depends upon the direction of the kitchen. The kitchen room is the most important part of our lives, our day starts in the kitchen and ends in it. We cannot live a day without being in it. Some people place small mandirs in their kitchen for peace while some people do not place mandirs in the kitchen as they believe that when one eats non veg you can’t keep them there. This is also another type of superstition but people believe this in their way which is fine. As kitchen rooms are known to be the family’s day-to-day living happiness, it’s where your whole family gathers. Kitchens are where the memories are made. As it is ‘the kitchen color as per Vastu the most important part is that people prefer spending more money on its interior to make it look better by plugging in different colors, store items, and crockery sets, and making it spacious. 

Some people choose everything in their kitchen as per their superstitions which they believe. In today’s world people design rooms in their house for more than just their actual work. Kitchens are set to put out the real tone of your house. The kitchen color as per Vastu is said to be good for the mind, soul , and body. It is said that having a good functional and a quite modern kitchen isn’t in the destiny of everyone. The kitchen usually resets the value of your house. In the future whenever you plan to sell your house or even if you show your house to people the first thing coming to their minds will be how good is the kitchen here? However, the generation might be now but still, people prefer to see the kitchen rooms while buying a flat as it should be spacious and most importantly it must have good vibes to deal with.

Deeper knowledge about kitchen colors

While focusing on the ‘kitchen color as per Vastu people must know that if your kitchen is in the east a green or a brown slap is quite ideal for the kitchen room. While if it’s in the northeast, you must go for a yellow slap and I’d it is in the south or southeast, then you must try the brown, maroon, or green slaps that are recommended by your known people as per Vastu. “Best color for kitchen as per Vastu” happens to be green, yellow, and orange. These are the most ideal colors as they happen to radiate positive energy and a happy outlook on life. Additionally, such colors spread happy and healthy vibes and energy throughout the whole house.  

If you are designing your own house then you must always ensure that your kitchen is always in the southeast direction. Fire happens to be one of the elements as per Vastu so which is why the kitchen color as per Vastu should be taken care of.  A tip to attract good fortune is to utilize fire as much as possible in your kitchen to cook. You must place the gas stove in the southeast direction to cook facing the east side to bring abundant positivity to your own life. While a kitchen in the northeast direction might lead to stress, financial stress, and health issues as per superstitions. 

Even though your “kitchen color’ as per Vastu” is not designed in the way it should be, it also has a solution to it. One needs to dive into deeper knowledge about such superstitions.

When you are selecting “the kitchen wall color as per Vastu” based colors you must select white along with the other Vastu compliant colors like red, orange, yellow, and green. It is also suggested that I’d you want to bring positive vibes in your life you must avoid an all while and dull kitchen as we all know “life without bright colors is just like food without our favorite spices”.

“Kitchens are said to be the hearts of the house”

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