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April 17, 2024

Shop The 5 Top Celeb Trends for Summer


The softest, gentle, aristocratic, and feminine trends are in this summer season. To characterize the summer season trends, every girl wants to shop for a celebrity appearance. Having determined your color type, you can easily choose from the latest trends with all the clothes, cosmetics, and hair dyes that are ideal for you.

Varieties of trends

The summer color type is very, very beautiful, but if it seems to you that this is a saturated color type, then you are mistaken – light shades, cold tones, very low contrast. By the way, celebs very often have just such an appearance. To many, she seems not very interesting, due to the low contrast, the girl looks inconspicuous against the background of brighter girlfriends. However, with the right approach, this color scheme can be simply chic.

Image: Important points

The most important thing to remember and what should be the main thing in your image is subtlety, grace, and tenderness. This is exactly what your overall image should radiate. All shades and tones that you use should be calm, balanced, and harmonious, only, in this case, you will always look simply irresistible and beautiful.

Remember that summer itself is clean, elegant, refined, sunny, tender, and fragile, all these words and epithets should fully express your style and image. In the photo, women who have a summer color type are presented in very interesting images.


How to do makeup for the summer season? It should be light and sophisticated; it is better to give up flashy shades – this way you greatly simplify your look.

It is very important to choose a foundation well – it should not have yellowness; it is better to stick to the most imperceptible shade on the skin. Use a base coat with shimmery particles – thanks to them, the face will look radiant and the skin will become much more even. In general, it is important for a girl who has a summer season obsession, to pay more attention to her skin.  It’s good if it is light and porcelain.


How to choose good shades and colors for the summer season? Pay attention to the cool range. Warm colors are good only if they are soft enough, and light. For example, pastel colors. But the cold gamma can be of almost any saturation. Check out the Latest Gucci Eyewear products and shop the most popular and cool-looking shades this season.


Let’s try to pick up decorations for the summer season. Look at the pictures – perhaps you will like something? In the meantime, I will explain what in general you should pay attention to when choosing jewelry for your color type.

The most important thing that girls often forget is that jewelry should decorate. That is, in fact, they should do better for you, and not just be beautiful. The second equally important aspect is saturation. Jewelry should not look darker than the darkest color in this summer season. That is, if you are a gentle fair-haired young lady with whitish eyelashes and eyebrows, who uses only transparent hygienic lipstick, then you should not choose massive black earrings


It is best to choose a hair color for the summer color type in a natural range for it. Light eyebrows and not too bright eyes will make the appearance at least strange if you dye your hair crimson or red. Therefore, it is better not to go beyond natural, natural shades.

A good option would also be to dye your hair a tone darker or lighter than your natural hair color. This way you can fill your hair with color, and make it sparkling and multifaceted.


What clothes can a light summer season or a high contrast color type (like mine) afford? Dark hair gives me a slight advantage, I can wear dark clothes without fear and not be afraid to look too boring. But for girls with blond hair and fair skin, a stylish black suit can only be worn if they are ready to complement it with neat makeup, bright lipstick, and nice accessories.