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May 27, 2024

Boxer Dog Price in India: History, Appearance & Other Information

Boxer Dog Price in India

A Boxer dog can be the best choice if you seek a pet. Boxers are devoted, amusing, wise, foolish, active, and protective of their owners. They may be taught at home and make the ideal pet. The Molosser family includes the English Mastiff, Tibetan Mastiff, and Bullmastiff breeds and has boxer dogs. The Boxer is a mastiff breed dog regarded as a brave yet loving family companion. 

Boxer Dog Price in India

Boxer dogs in India may be purchased for anywhere from INR 6,000 and 50,000.

A Brief History

Bullenbeisser and Bulldog were crossed to create the Boxer breed. Bullenbeisser was originally a hunting dog or a dog that held the game in place until the huntsmen came by using their powerful jaws and teeth. Boxers are the new breed of Bullenbeisser, which is now extinct. Like its predecessor, the Boxer has a distinctive head and face.

Boxers had existed since World War 1 when the military employed them as pack, courier, and security dogs. By the end of World War II, the dog was seen as the perfect companion in many nations. The boxer breed is now regarded as a family companion because of its watchful, devoted, and playful character.


The medium-sized boxer dog is square-looking and measures 53–63 cm to the withers. But female boxers are a little bit shorter than their male counterparts. A boxer dog has a deep chest, an arched neck without extra skin, sloping shoulders, and a long upper arm. The Boxer has a broad, powerful back. Their front legs are powerful.

A boxer dog has a very unusual face. The dog has a big snout and robust cheekbones. There isn’t too much skin on the head or face. A boxer dog typically weighs between 25 and 32 kilograms. It has medium-sized, rounded eyes and a black snout with large nostrils. The tiny, widely spaced ears rest against the skull.

Factors Affecting the Price of a Boxer Dog 

There are many factors behind the price of Boxer dogs, which we have discussed here.

Pet Puppy Boxer

If you want to purchase a puppy boxer as a pet, make sure the breeder is reputable. Depending on the reputation of the dog breeder, the puppy’s quality (show vs pet quality), and the gender of the puppy, boxer pups can be rather pricey.

Show quality and pet quality are the categories used to categorize puppy quality. Not all show puppies make good pets. It may be expensive to own and maintain them. Puppies of pet quality are reasonably priced despite having certain defects.

Vaccination cost

All pet dogs must have vaccinations for a healthy life. When purchasing a Boxer dog, ask the breeder about the price and required vaccinations. This will aid in financial planning. 

Dog food price

A diet high in protein is a must for the dog. You should budget between Rs. 5,500 and Rs. 7,000 per month for dog food.

Cost of neutering

If you don’t want to breed the dog, you can choose to neuter it. Spaying, sterilizing, and neutering procedures vary in price from city to city. You may expect to pay between Rs. 4,000 and Rs. 12,000.

Vet Cost

You will need to take your pet dog to the vet for regular checkups and occasionally in case of an emergency. You may anticipate spending around Rs. 40,000 annually.

Grooming Cost

Boxer dogs shed a lot yet have a low maintenance grooming expense. The coat may need to be brushed at least once every week, or you may need to allocate weekly funds for its upkeep. A single bath each month is sufficient for boxer dogs. You might have to buy shampoo and soap made specifically for dogs.

Cost of the accessory

When you pet a dog, you might need a bed, collar, towel, water bowls, leash, and playthings. You can pay about Rs. 3,500 for these items. You don’t need to spend money on it regularly, which is lovely. However, it’s crucial to consider the accessory cost while touching a dog. 

Pup Quality

The expense of raising a pup mostly depends on the calibre of the bloodlines. The cost will increase as the puppy becomes healthier.

Male vs female puppies

Male puppies are more energetic, whilst female puppies are more watchful and guarded. Male boxer puppies are typically more costly than their female counterparts.

The reputation of a Dog Breeder

There are two categories of breeders: top and good. A boxer puppy from a reputable breeder will cost you extra since they give the boxers the most excellent care and long-term wellbeing. A great breeder also has fighters with genetics that are strong.


Boxer puppies may be trained from an early age. They are wise and open to learning. Good manners may be taught to them at home. However, kids require systematic instruction to keep their minds active to prevent disobedience and childlike outbursts. They require regular exposure to the outside world so they may play outside and burn off extra energy by running, leaping, and having fun.

They could start seeking fun within your house, from clawing the furniture to licking your slippers if you have restricted or no access to the outside. Boxer dogs may be trained to behave well at home with regular training and some enjoyable activities.

Boxer Dog Statistics

Energy is abundant among boxers. They require continuous contact with the outside world to make the most of their vitality. They could exhibit excessive excitement by bouncing and jumping about the home. Boxers are amiable canines. They are the ideal friend. They could exhibit excessive excitement when they first see their owner by leaping and licking them.

When boxers are trained as puppies, they behave nicely. A mature boxer, though, could be a bit difficult to manage. Boxer dogs love to play and leap outside but are not outdoors. They cannot be kept outside the house because of their discomfort in hot and cold weather. 

For boxers, drooling and snoring are rather typical. Therefore, if you intend to own a boxer dog, prepare for their loud snores at night and for cleaning up drool all over the home. Boxers have short hair, and they shed a lot in the spring. Boxers enjoy learning, but they dislike being in charge. If they know everything while having fun, they will. Boxers dislike being handled harshly and roughly.

Boxers are recognized for becoming watchdogs when adequately trained. They guarantee the family and owner’s safety. If they are not sufficiently taught, some fighters could not show any signs of owner protection.

Preparation & Care

Like any other breed of dog, boxer dogs require grooming and maintenance. Boxers can groom their owners and keep them tidy, much like cats. However, their coat does need a lot of maintenance. The greatest thing you can do is establish a grooming and care regimen that includes:

Using a hairbrush: Make sure you use a firm rubber grooming glove or bristle to brush the boxer dog’s hair or coat. As they can shed a lot, doing this will ensure minimal hair loss. Brushing once a week is strongly advised.

If you intend to use a shedding blade, be careful not to use it near the dog’s leg since it might hurt him. You may use a chamois to polish the coat to make it look shiny.


Are Boxer dogs good with children?

Yes, a boxer dog can get along with children if properly socialized. Boxer dogs are lively and active. They occasionally exhibit silliness and fun. Such a personality frequently attracts children.

Do boxers make excellent family pets?

Boxers do belong in families. They are fully aware of how to keep the owner and his family safe. Fighters make excellent watchdogs and family guardians if adequately socialized and taught early. They take the responsibility of safeguarding the family extremely seriously.